Murat is the modern alchemist!

His art begins with his ability to develop unique alloy's and beautiful designs, but above all with the craft of creating charming and balanced sounds to enable every sophisticated drummer to improve their artistic expression and gain the real joy of drumming.


Dizzy Bell Sets are available in two options;

Dizzy 'Traditional' Set
14'' Hats / 16'' Crash / 18'' Crash / 20'' Ride + FREE Bag

Dizzy 'Brilliant' Set
15'' Hats / 17'' Crash / 19'' Crash / 21'' Ride + FREE Bag


About Dizzy Bell Series

Hammered by the great master Murat Diril with his own hands, the Dizzy Series is made to accompany many music styles easily. This model, which adheres to traditional cymbal making techniques, contains sound colours that are sought out by todays modern drummers.


Design features on the top of the cymbal, will attract your attention visually. On the belly you will encounter design that is not hammered but turned intermittently. This feature under your control, brings out the cymbal accompanying you, detecting your strokes and moving in unison with you.


When appropriate Dizzy cymbal series are calm enough to accompany a jazz drummer, but can then stand up & stand out from the distortion of guitars in the hands of a rock drummer. They are designed to raise and lower the dynamics of your beats with you, instead of delivering constant broad range EQ. Sound frequencies that will often disturb you are minimised in this model.


You will feel a big explosion in the sound of the cymbal in your sudden hard strokes to a perfect ending in the shimmer of the cymbal. Dizzy Series can be used for rock, pop, fusion, jazz, latin, funk, reggae and studio performances.


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