Murat Diril - The Father of Cymbals.

Come with us to Trabizone, Turkey it was here where the first hand-made cymbals were created, that Murat Diril learned from masters the centuries-old secrets of cymbal-making. And with his own remarkable talents coming to the fore, Murat himself soon rose to become a master-craftsman.

Having perfected the revolutionary B22 bronze alloy, Murat developed his own methods in casting and hammering, mixing the traditional with the modern in a ceaseless search for new ideas. And in time he left Trabizone for Samsun to form his own company. Now free to develop further, his techniques became the envy of other manufacturers, and he was asked to create and supply new ranges for the most famous and enduring names in European cymbal-making.

Under these arrangements Murat's artistry pushed sales worldwide through the roof, while his name became a byword for excellence and innovation among the cognoscenti across the world.