Crossroads of Sound. A place where people with outstanding abilities mingle. Animals Pedal is active worldwide and produces effectors with designers who are supported from all over the world. Combining graphic design and pedal design that designs circuits, the Animals Pedal's unique style and top-quality sound are embodied in a form that is easy for many players to pick up.


Danny Young (bald) and Mike McKee (bald) met a few years back while touring together and very quickly bonded over their hair AND love for all things drums/percussion. They very quickly realized there was a major hole in the market for acoustic percussion instruments that could mimic electronic sounds so they set out on their quest to develop and create something the drum world had never seen! Their first creation, The JUNK HAT™, is now making waves across the world offering chain dropping, 808 sounding vibes to all hair types! When they aren't putting their bald heads together to invent new instruments, you can find Mike touring with Delta Rae and Danny with Brandy Clark, Ricky Skaggs, Dan Tyminski, Lucie Silvas, and more!

BAM CASES from France

A leader in the industry, BAM offers a whole range of cases for string, wind and brass instruments. Thanks to constant innovation, all cases are developed to provide musicians with the best combination of protection, quality and durability, while using light weight high-tech materials. In addition to its imaginative French design, Bam always researches and uses the latest technologies to improve the protection of the instrument.

bg franck bichon from france

Based in Lyon France, BG Franck Bichon is one of the world's leading producer of woodwind accessories. Its growing line, which features more than 300 items, focuses on mid-priced and professional-level products, includes ligatures, mouthpieces, straps, swabs, stands, mouthpiece cushions, saxophone pouches, pad dryer, care clothes and other accessories.


Welcome to the British Drum Co.  We are driven by our passion to create the finest drums and percussion instruments for musicians who recognise and value the highest of standards. Our philosophy is based on a rich heritage of British drum-building craftsmanship. We wholeheartedly embrace the timeserved techniques and traditions that are acknowledged to contribute to the finest examples of the craft. However, we are a company that continually looks to the future, placing innovation right at the heart of our brand in order to develop instruments that look amazing, sound amazing and make you feel amazing.

Craviotto Drum Co. from USA

Since the beginning of American drum manufacturing, the most coveted wood shell snare drums were made using a “solid shell” or “single ply”. Solid shell or single ply drums are made from a single piece of premium hand-selected wood that is painstakingly steam bent, by hand, into a drum shell. While solid shell drums have been around for nearly a century, only Craviotto Drum Company has perfected the art of steam bending and handcrafting solid shell snare drums, drum sets, and concert percussion instruments. Johnny has perfected his trade over many years and continues to implement the time honored Old World traditions that trace back hundreds of years.

gl cases from taiwan

GL Cases was established in 1973 and specialises in producing unique protective cases for musical instruments. Q-Type and K-Type Cases are made by hand, these cases feature fine Italian leather and soft velvet interior lining along with GL’s superior instrument suspension system.


Percussion Cases & Bags manufactured in Chicago, USA. H&B products are built to support you and your perfect performance, designed with durability and innovation and delivered at a fair price. The extensive range includes Enduro Drum Cases, Enduro Pro Drum Cases, Galaxy Drum Bags, Drum Seeker Drum Bags, Tuxedo Drum Bags... and much, much more.


Welcome to KEO Percussion - a brand new range of artisan crafted percussion instruments and accessories, handcrafted in Britain to inspire musicians to create outstanding performances. KEO percussion is a subsidiary brand of the British Drum Co. and is the vision of master drum builder Keith Keough. This connection to such a highly regarded master craftsman will reassure players that KEO percussion instruments share the same DNA as the outstanding handcrafted drums that have made such a huge impact on the world of drums and percussion. KEO Percussion is driven by the same passion and desire to innovate, and is equally ambitious and forward-thinking.


Canada's #1 Drumstick! Making a good pair of sticks begins by selecting the best wood possible. We manufacture many different models of sticks using Canadian Maple and American Hickory.

murat diril. cymbals from turkey

Murat Diril - The Father of Cymbals. Come with us to Trabizone, Turkey: it was here, where the first hand-made cymbals were created, that Murat Diril learned from masters the centuries-old secrets of cymbal-making. And with his own remarkable talents coming to the fore, Murat himself soon rose to become a master-craftsman. Having perfected the revolutionary B22 bronze alloy, Murat developed his own methods in casting and hammering, mixing the traditional with the modern in a ceaseless search for new ideas. And in time he left Trabizone for Samsun to form his own company. Now free to develop further, his techniques became the envy of other manufacturers, and he was asked to create and supply new ranges for the most famous and enduring names in European cymbal-making.  Under these arrangements Murat's artistry pushed sales worldwide through the roof, while his name became a byword for excellence and innovation among the cognoscenti across the world.


One Control strives to make products that allow musicians to create their own unique tones and efficiently access them live. One Control’s main focus is guitar pedal switchers. One Control has a full line of switchers that range from a one-channel true bypass looper all the way to a 10-channel programmable switcher with MIDI capabilities. Whether you have a large complicated pedal board or just a few pedals, One Control has products that can make using your effect pedals easier. Additionally, One Control is renowned for its long-standing collaboration with legendary guitar effects designer Bjorn Juhl who designed their series of BJF Guitar and Bass effects.


For 50 years PROTEC International has been supplying the music industry with cases and bags designed by musicians for musicians. In 1984, PROTEC designers came up with a true winner when they introduced the uniquely innovative PROPAC case line. Since its introduction, these sturdy, lightweight, shock resistant cases have become the leading choice among musicians that demand the best in protection and convenience. PROTEC have a massive range of products available for Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, and more.


From humble beginnings almost a century ago in 1925, SAKAE has established new standards of excellence and uncompromised quality in the craft of drum making. Building on this legacy, SAKAE was reborn in 2019 as SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE, keeping the same highest quality standards and philosophy, along with the key personnel and elements that made Sakae so esteemed in the world of drum making for so many years.


The makers of Soundwear products have been designing and producing musical instrument cases and accessories for over 50 years. Their engineers have extensively researched and studied the requirements of todays professional musician to create these exclusive products for carrying and protecting the finest of instruments. Highest functionality meets unique design and the finest selected materials. All bags are designed to be easy to use, long lasting, and are made using the best German skills, technology and workmanship.


SlapKlatz makes what we believe is the most versatile drum dampeners on the market. These drum gel dampeners lets drummers easily remove, control and handle unwanted ring and overtones from their drums and cymbals, without sacrificing the tone or the playing feel.


We strive for perfection in every detail of our work. We are deeply commited to supporting our customers in creating innovative music and sounds. We are here to provide our customers with effects pedals that outperform all other equipment they have used and allow them to experience their tone at its fullest potential. We design and handcraft our pedals, one-at-a-time, in Northern California. We source all of our materials in the USA whenever possible, often teaming with innovative manufacturers to designed custom hardware and components to ensure exceptional quality and sound.