Los Cabos White Hickory 'Pinks' Drumsticks

White Hickory is the sapwood of the hickory tree and is well known for its shock absorption and consistency. 
Los Cabos white hickory drumsticks are made from 100% American wood, which has been responsibly harvested by our FSC approved suppliers.
'Pinks' Drumsticks are available in the following sizes;
  • 5A Pink 16.00" X 0.575" | 406mm X 14.6mm
  • 5B Pink 16.00" X 0.598" | 406mm X 15.2mm 
  • 7A Pink 15.50" X 0.543" | 394mm X 13.8mm 
Acorn Tip
Medium Taper
Pink Finish
Think Pink Campaign

Los Cabos Drumsticks manufactures and sells pink drumsticks year-round as part of our Think Pink fundraising campaign. A portion of proceeds from all Think Pink drumstick sales are donated to the Canadian Cancer Society through our annual donation during the Relay For Life!

We also donate a number of Pink Sticks directly to the Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Foundation in Texas USA, which was founded by Los Cabos artist April Samuels after a personal battle with cancer. These sticks are sold as part of their merchandise fundraising efforts online and at select events throughout the year!