Los Cabos Drumsticks


Los Cabos White Hickory Pinks Drumsticks

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Los Cabos white hickory drumsticks are made from 100% American wood, which has been responsibly harvested by our FSC approved suppliers.

White hickory (sapwood) is a classic wood choice for any drummer, and strikes the perfect balance between weight and durability!

Think Pink Campaign

Los Cabos Drumsticks manufactures and sells pink drumsticks year-round as part of our Think Pink fundraising campaign. A portion of proceeds from all Think Pink drumstick sales are donated to the Canadian Cancer Society through our annual donation during the Relay For Life!

We also donate a number of Pink Sticks directly to the Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Foundation in Texas USA, which was founded by Los Cabos artist April Samuels after a personal battle with cancer. These sticks are sold as part of their merchandise fundraising efforts online and at select events throughout the year!


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