Los Cabos Hickory 4pk Drumsticks

Los Cabos Hickory 4pk Drumsticks includes; 3x White Hickory Pairs and 1x Bonus Red Hickory Pair

White Hickory is the sapwood of the hickory tree and is well known for its shock absorption and consistency. Red Hickory is the dense heartwood of the hickory tree, and with density comes extra durability for long lasting drumsticks.
Los Cabos hickory drumsticks are made from 100% American wood, which has been responsibly harvested by our FSC approved suppliers.

Packs are available in following sizes;

  • 5A 16.00" X 0.575" | 406mm X 14.6mm
  • 5B 16.00" X 0.598" | 406mm X 15.2mm
  • 7A 15.50" X 0.543" | 394mm X 13.8mm