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Animals Pedal is active worldwide and produces effectors with designers who are supported from all over the world. Combining graphic design and pedal design that designs circuits, the Animals Pedal's unique style and top-quality sound are embodied in a form that is easy for many players to pick up.

The Animals Pedal is designed by Jonas Claesson, who designs with humorous animal motifs. He is a highly popular designer in apparel, attracting attention from all over the world, and has released a pop-up store at URBAN RESEARCH DOORS in Japan and a bespoke collaboration item for UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing.

Even if it's a standard effect, it's a pedal that you can enjoy at your feet, and that's an essential passion for playing music. We have also collaborated with effect builders who are acclaimed around the world to achieve sound quality that would be impossible with standard pedals.

Over the years, Skreddy Pedals has shown an extraordinary commitment to parts and sound, and has some enthusiastic fans for its attitude and sound.

Wren and Cuff, who reproduce the details of the actual machine instead of the circuit diagram, perform "recreation" of vintage pedals, and also create J.Mascis signature models from this attitude.

Animals Pedal also produces effects pedals designed by pedal designers who lead these brands, and you can get their overwhelming sound.

Overturn common sense. While being a completely new standard, it combines the musical sound of top quality pedals with the unique style of Animals Pedal. For that reason, the cooperation of designers around the world was indispensable.