One Control DC Porter Plexi

In 2017, DC Porter, which brought innovation to the power supply of effectors, will change to a new generation.
Power supply from mobile battery to pedal board. By using a mobile battery, which is a "battery," this prevents the noise generated by the adapter from entering. At the same time, there is no need to open the back cover of each effector and replace the batteries. In addition, there are many effectors that cannot be battery-powered these days.

DC PORTER PLEXI is a power supply designed exclusively for mobile batteries. The simplest design, with a plastic cover called plexiglass and all components on a PCB, makes it an ultra-light and affordable power supply of 50g.

DC PORTER PLEXI connects the power supply from the mobile battery to the USB-C port. All DC outputs are center minus DC9V, and there are 12 outlets. It can easily accommodate large pedalboards.
The current capacity that can be output depends on the connected mobile battery, but the maximum total is 1000mA. There is no current limit for each DC9V out.

It also has an indicator to show current usage. The 300mA, 600mA, 900mA and 1000mA (overload) indicators light up. Only a blue LED on each DC9V out will light up below 300mA, 1 indicator will light above 300mA, 2 indicators above 600mA, and 3 indicators above 900mA.
Normally, when the indicator lights above 900mA, refrain from supplying more power.
If the red LED overload indicator lights up, remove the mobile battery and disconnect all connections.

・DC PORTER PLEXI main unit
 terminals: DC9V out x 12, USB-C x 1
 Current capacity: Maximum 1000mA
 Size: 95mm x 30mm x 19.3mm
 Weight: 50g

*Actual current capacity that can be supplied varies depending on the remaining battery capacity of the connected adapter and battery. There is no limit on the maximum current capacity for each output terminal.

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