One Control BJFe Silver Bee OD 4K Mini

The One Control Silver Bee OD 4K Mini is a version customized by BJF himself based on his legendary pedal, the Honey Bee OD.

Now that we have created it in the mini format, it can be installed on various pedal boards without taking up too much space. And after many years of research by BJF himself, it became possible to reproduce the original tone even with mini-sized SMD parts.

The design method is different between conventional handmade pedals that use through-hole parts and mini pedals. Because there is the influence of "ghost components" that do not exist as "parts" in mini pedals and do not appear in the circuit, the sound will be different if you simply make it with the same schematic.
BJF reproduced the sound of the BJFE original pedal, taking into account all the effects from the different characteristics of the parts to the ghost components.
Once the sound was completely satisfactory to BJF himself, we were able to release the Silver Bee in a mini size. And to take it to the next level, we also used BJFE's style for pedal design graphics.

The dynamic range response can be easily adjusted from clean to overdrive with the touch of your hand, which is also a characteristic of Honey Bee OD, and a tone that feels familiar as if there is a classic combo amplifier in front of you. It’s a tighter, slightly brighter tone with a firmer low end.

The flat low end and the tone of the sharp and airy top end are reminiscent of the best characteristics of the American-style combo amplifier. Despite the thick presence, the SBOD 4K Mini has a glittering tone that puts you in front of the mix. The tone also has enough flexibility to reduce gain and be used as an “always on” pedal.

While it is the same gain range as Honey Bee OD, it has the best tone for more modern rock/blues/altcountry, creating a large modern to reissue American amplifier tone, whether you are using single coils or humbuckers..

The 2-band equalizer on the SBOD 4K Mini is widely controllable and allows you to easily control the tone to adapt to various guitars and amps.
The T-knob can control the brightness, high-frequency and harmonic components of the tone, creating a drive tone with a beautiful metallic sound.
The B-knob is centered on the low mid, a critical frequency that gives the ability to adjust your tone according to the characteristics of the stage, the amplifier, and guitar.

Highly responsive overdrives sometimes feel difficult to use, but the Silver Bee OD 4K Mini has a solid presence in the sound itself, so it's easy to play with high dynamic response. It combines the expressive ability to freely control the tone with your hands and fingers, as well as sharp articulation and sense of speed.

And there is a VINTAGE/MODERN switch under the Output terminal. This is a switch that switches the response of the whole sound, especially near the low frequencies.

Originally, it was a switch to switch between the current sound of Honey Bee OD, which became the base circuit of the Silver Bee OD, and the earliest sound. Silver Bee OD was already based on "modern" HBOD when it was first developed as a circuit, so we gave you the option to switch to the earlier style circuit, with slightly more sag and a shift in the low mid frequencies.

This switch is a very subtle tonal change, and you may feel that the sound does not change at all depending on the guitar or amplifier you use. However, you can make the whole tone a little thicker or a little cleaner.

V: Adjusts the overall volume.
D: Adjusts the intensity of the distortion.
T: Controls the tone centering on high-frequency components.
B: Adjusts the balance of the tone according to the characteristics of the amplifier, mainly around the low mid.
MODERN/VINTAGE switch: A switch to switch the headroom response.
The upper side (MODERN) is a little thicker, and the lower side (VINTAGE) has a slightly clean tone. Depending on the combination of the amplifier and guitar, you may feel that you don't hear the difference, but you can feel it with the switch. Try it!

Input impedance: 270k
Output impedance: 25K
Drive voltage: 9V center minus
Current consumption: 3.6mA
S/N ratio: -90dBm
Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (excluding protrusions)
        47W x 100D x 48H mm (including protrusions)
Weight: Approx. 160 grams