One Control Iguana Tail MKIII 5-Loop Switcher with T.O and BJF Buffer

There is no point in taking up too much space for a pedalboard loop switcher to have better tone and easy useability – with our latest One Control Iguana Tail Loop MKIII, you can have an ultra-compact solution with the functions you need. With a depth of only 41mm, it is one of the world’s smallest loop switching systems, making it easy to fit onto almost any pedalboard setup.

Just because the MKIII is small does not mean there are any compromises in functionality or operation. You can control all the switching of your pedals, supply power to all five of your effects and your pedal tuner and provide your tone with the world-class BJF Buffer.

In order to keep your board clean, all of the jacks on the MKIII are installed in a low position to keep the size small and low impact. Even with the reduced size of the overall unit, there is still 52mm in between the footswitches to make sure you hit the right button every time, even on dark stages. And we have designed the MKIII to be as light as possible, perfect for “fly boards” or smaller rigs where weight is a concern.

You can place multiple effects into one loop if you wish, so you can bring in several time-based effects at once if you desire. With five dedicated loops, you have the most powerful yet smallest loop switcher on the market. All the switches on the MKIII are true bypass loops so that vintage pedals and other effects that change your tone when bypassed can he handled with ease.

Use the MKIII’s Tuner Out to have your tuner be completely independent of the system. The MKIII can supply power to all the pedals in each of the loops as well as your tuner. Also, if you don’t have a tuner connected the Tuner switch on the right side can be used as a MUTE SWITCH, which is helpful between songs or when switching guitars.

The BJF Buffer:
This amazing circuit is installed in many switchers from One Control and is one of the most natural-sounding buffer circuits ever created that destroys the old image people have from using old buffer circuits that changed the tone of the instrument.

Precise Unity Gain setting to 1
Input impedance will not change the tone
Will not make output signal too strong
Ultra-low noise output
When the input it overloaded, will not degrade the output tone.

Created at the request of many of the world’s greatest guitarists by Björn Juhl, one of the greatest amp and effects designers in the world, the BJF Buffer is the answer to keeping your tone pristine in all sorts of signal chains, from the stage to the studio.

Easy switching of effects pedals
Increased operability of the entire pedalboard
Built-in power supply that can power up to six 9vDC pedals
Vintage effects can be used as true bypass pedals
Makes a board beautifully organized
BJF Buffer (switchable) on the input section

Make your board easy and functional with the One Control Iguana Tail Loop MKIII with BJF Buffer!

Effect loops: 5
Tuner out: 1
DC out: 7 (branch from the power terminal)
Input impedance: 500kΩ (Buffer ON)
Output impedance: 60Ω (Buffer ON)
Size: 376Wx37Dx32H mm (excluding protrusions)
        376Wx41Dx46H mm (including protrusions)
Weight: Approx. 450g