One Control Crocodile Tail Loop Wing 10-Loop + Midi Programmable Switcher

One Control OC10W Crocodile Tail Loop Wing with WINGLINK iOS App Control.

We at One Control have been designing and manufacturing some of the best loop switchers in the music industry for over a decade now. The Crocodile Tail Loop Wing OC10W is the culmination of all the user feedback, tech advancements, and real-world experience we have gathered. In addition, this is our first loop switcher than can be programmed and controlled via our new iOS app called WINGLINK via Bluetooth!

The OC10W features the BJF Buffer circuit (designed by Björn Juhl) to keep your signal pristine, or you can choose to go completely true bypass. Seven mono loops in a serial order allow you to switch in and switch out any of your favorite effects pedals with no loss in tone or dynamics to your signal. Three parallel effects loops follow the seven serial loops, giving the user up to TEN programmable switchable loops. Tuner out with mute switch is available as well, to keep you in tune and your audience happy.

Full MIDI control is available, with the capability to control amplifier channel and reverb switches as well as amplifier effect loops if desired via the FS connections. Three FS switches are available (TRS connections) as well as an 8-pin DIN connector. 168 MIDI presets are available for programming and can be called up via footswitch or by MIDI program change messages. The OC10W can easily be switched to manual mode and used to simply switch loops in and out easily with the tap of a footswitch.

Easy Bluetooth connectivity with our new WINGLINK iOS app allows the user to control and program the OC10W remotely. It’s easy to program loops and setups on your iPhone or iPad in any of the 168 programmable memory slots. Use the WINGLINK app to archive your settings for different projects, live shows, or recording sessions.

Take your pedalboard to the next level with the One Control OC10W Crocodile Tail Loop Wing – the most advanced loop switcher available today!