One Control BJFe Pale Blue Compressor

Get ready for a new level of playable and delicious compression amazing new EQ options as well as the ability to blend the compression with your base tone – you can paint the dynamic range of your signal using the palette of the One Control Pale Blue Compressor. Bjorn Juhl has been working with compression style circuits for many decades, and always leaned towards a musical, alive feeling compression that many loved in BJFe pedals like the Pine Green Compressor. However, the new PBC ups the ante with an all-new compression circuit that adds a blend knob – and also adds an entire new EQ circuit to help sculpt your tone from the lowest lows to the highest highs!

This new pedal is sure to be a favorite of many guitarists and bassists alike, with the ability to bring tube warmth and dynamics to nearly any signal – plug this into a loud and clean solid state amp and hear/feel the dynamics at play in the PBC. Slice your tone with the new EQ section and help dial yourself in to a variety of rigs or setups. Dial the compression in thick, or bring it back a bit for just a hint of that compressed feel. The Pale Blue Compressor will make many players who think they don’t like compressors change their minds.

Input impedance: 600 K
Output impedance: 25K
Drive voltage: 7-15 V center negative
Current Consumption: 6.4 mA
Size: 46(H)x113(D)x66(W)mm
Weight: 302g
True-Bypass Switching
High Quality Aluminum Enclosure