One Control BJF Little Green Booster


Over this unusual past year, we have had more time to go back and revisit some of our more popular pedals like the Granith Grey Booster. The Granith was the first original effects pedal released by One Control and was designed by Björn Juhl to be an essentially clean booster that is easy to use for many different signal needs. With a single knob, plenty of gain if needed, the smaller size anodized aluminum enclosure and ease of use for all sorts of instruments, this has been a very popular booster pedal with pure tone quality. Our new Little Green Booster is a limited-edition version of this circuit, with an elegant new finish and a classy new tone with enhanced treble. This is accomplished using a new circuit that creates a tone that is not just a clean boost – it also has some edge and authority with a class all its own. From pure to elegant, this new limited edition LGB makes single notes soar and double stops take on a unique texture. Add some sparkle and “luxury trebles” to your tone with our new Little Green Booster pedal, and pair it with one of our overdrives (like the Little Green Wonder) for maximum tonal versatility!



Input impedance:500K
Output impedance:2K
Maximum gain:16dB
Power:8.8-9.6V center negative 2.1mm barrel type or 9V battery
Current Draw;1mA
Size:47Wx100Dx48H mm