MURAT DIRIL Superior Hommage Ride 23"


The Murat Diril Cymbals series Superior Hommage delivers a modern and distinct oriental sound that's perfect for the modern fusion, jazz, and pop-rock player. The Hommage offers a deep, rich, and precise sound, with a bright and responsive tone under the stick and a short decay, these cymbals are well-suited for a wide range of musical genres. The Hommage model is a must-have for drummers who demand a unique, versatile and high-quality cymbal sound. Whether you're playing in a live setting or in the studio, the Hommage model finds it's position in every mix and will deliver the goods with its excellent balance, responsiveness, and projection. Murat's Hommage cymbals can be seen as the tribute to the fusion of modern and traditional craftsmanship. True pieces of art!


RIDE:  23"