Los Cabos White Hickory Drumsticks - Nylon Tip

White Hickory is the sapwood of the hickory tree and is well known for its shock absorption and consistency. 
Los Cabos white hickory drumsticks are made from 100% American wood, which has been responsibly harvested by our FSC approved suppliers.
White Hickory 'Nylon Tip' Drumsticks are available in the following sizes;
  • 5A Nylon 16.00" X 0.575" | 406mm X 14.6mm
  • 5B Nylon 16.00" X 0.598" | 406mm X 15.2mm 
  • 7A Nylon 15.50" X 0.543" | 394mm X 13.8mm 
Nylon Tip
Medium Taper