Junk Hat XL by Baldman Percussion

That's right... as if the JUNK HAT OG or 2.0 wasn't enough... we've now creating a very limited number of JUNK HAT XLs! 18 INCHES OF PURE STANK! 

Not only is this version much deeper, it also uses almost twice as much chain; giving it even more of that grit you love from the other versions. 

In addition to the wooden top and hand hammered bottom, the XL also comes with:

  • 6 stacks of custom metal chunks (for that extra trashy sound)
  • 6 stacks of tambourine jingles (for that extra shimmer)

And don't worry. Even though the JUNK HAT XL is massive, we made sure that your hi hat stand will still be able to control ALL the awesomeness it produces!

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