Jellyfish by Baldman Percussion

Don't let this cute little guy fool you... cuz he's bad little mama jama!

Introducing Big Fat BaldMan's second product... THE JELLYFISH!

With its magnet, you can attach it to any cymbal (for and amazing sizzle) OR on any drum (incredible and subtle rattle effect) ALL while dampening unwanted overtones!

Because the strap is adjustable, you can even control the amount of sizzle, rattle and dampening! This Jellyfish won’t sting ya, but it will give you more sonic possibilities!

**The Colour Surprise: We make the Jellyfish from scraps left over from other products, so that means our colours are constantly changing. For that reason, we will pick your jellyfish out of the Jelly-tank and it will be a surprise to ALL of us which colour you will get!! Who doesn't like a surprise!? 

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