ANIMALS PEDAL Push & Pull Distortion

The first sound that comes to mind as an electric guitar, or rock tone. Isn't it a distortion sound that distorts the amp?

Among them, the tone that strongly distorts the British amp and gives it an edge, the tone called brown sound, is an icon of a particularly rock distortion sound.

PUSH & PULL DISTORTION is exactly the distortion that creates a brown sound.
There are various interpretations of brown sound, but the thick brown sound of the 1980s is the sound of PUSH & PULL DISTORTION.

If you connect it to a clean amplifier and make a sound, you can instantly recognize it. Easy to handle, strengthens the edge of the guitar tone, and is a thick distortion.
Long tones are also connected smoothly, and it is a tone that goes well with legato and light hand and bend, and high-speed alternate picking.
Distortion that makes the sound lively and shining even in fast play. It is the true value of PUSH & PULL DISTORTION.