From humble beginnings almost a century ago in 1925, SAKAE has established new standards of excellence and uncompromised quality in the craft of drum making. Building on this legacy, SAKAE was reborn in 2019 as SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE, keeping the same highest quality standards and philosophy, along with the key personnel and elements that made Sakae so esteemed in the world of drum making for so many years.

SAKAE’s philosophy is simple in conception yet incredibly difficult to achieve -create the best possible sounding drums. The drum creation process has even been described by Shun Tsuji at producer of SAKAE, as “sonic sculpting” in its nature. What makes SAKAE unique is that, as any musician will know, the sound of the drum is not only evaluated on its own, but also how it performs with other instruments and in a variety of sound environments.

In order to achieve the ideal sound, hundreds of designs with different combinations of thickness, depth, materials and shapes will be meticulouslytested and evaluated. The aim is to find a level of finesse and attention to detail in the sound that can only be achieved by a deep knowledge of the instruments, long years of experience and outstanding skill.

In this drive to perfection, nothing is left to chance. Even obscure factors such as sound direction, overtone filtering and transmission of vibrations are considered for a precise and sublime sculpting of tone.

All products are meticulously road tested by respected artists, further helping SAKAE appreciate what musicians need and want, and reflecting this in the finished products. This first hand information from musicians working in studios and onstage, assists in delivering the very finest products with the highest build quality and, above all, unmatched outstanding sound.

The first shell kit from SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE, Evolved, as its name implies, is an evolution of the extremely popular and industry standard Almighty model that drummers internationally love and praise as one of the bestdrum kits ever. “We accomplished The Almighty in the old days, didn’t we? I don’t mean to brag about it, but that was an excellent product which many people think of when they hear the name of SAKAE Drums. So, for Evolved, we decided to surpass that greatproduct and make it uniquely brilliant at the same time.” says Tsuji, producer of Sakae.

Like the Almighty, this new Evolved kit is made of maple wood emphasizing a perfectly balanced sound and rich harmonics, while taking perfectionism to new lengths by fine tuning the number of plies (thickness of the wood) amongst other elements, to further refine the sound sculpting and deliver the best sounding SAKAE kit ever.

SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE continues to evolve and innovate, build on the guiding philosophies which combine elevated craft, experience, industry leading skills and unshakable vision into the future to produce the best sounding drums possible