PROTEC Neoprene Saxophone Neck Strap w/ Comfort Bar

Protec's neoprene saxophone neck strap with comfort bar is a lightweight solution for those who are looking for relieve stress on their neck while playing. Designed for alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones.

Responsibly made: All materials tested to be free of Lead, DEHP, PAHS8, DBP, and BBP.

  • Comfort bar: Creates a large opening for easy wear and removal, helps relieve neck stress by pulling the strap away from the sides of the neck, and allows for effortless length adjustment. Modern flat-black design and made of lightweight aluminum.
  • Neoprene neck pad: Thick and comfortable pad offers soft support without stretching to allow for a consistent embouchure.
  • Strong cord: No bulky and distracting straps! Just a simple but strong cord that will support your instrument and stay discreet.
  • Metal snap: Strong custom-designed metal swivel snap featuring a rubber coating to prevent eyelet wear.
  • Reinforced stitching: Strap is stitched with high-quality thread made to last. Blackout design blends in well with performance wear.