CRAVIOTTO Diamond Drums Bass Drum 24x14

Craviotto Drums is proud to announce our latest creation, Diamond by Craviotto. The Diamond series is the culmination of ideas and concepts that Johnny and the entire Craviotto team worked on over many years. Those ideas were carried forward by Sam Bacco and the Craviotto team and the result is our new Diamond Series. Johnny's love of solid shells is no secret, and his expertise in this field was second to none. However, Johnny was also a fan of excellent ply shells. He often spoke about the idea of bringing a ply shell solution into the Craviotto family, with the primary consideration being the sound of the shell of course. The Diamond Series drums are designed to bring a "made by Craviotto" option to all players. The Diamond Series allows a drummer to enter the "Craviotto family" with a wonderful "made in the USA" drum set designed to meet very specific sonic goals, all at a price point that is very affordable. These great drums are made in Nashville, TN in the Craviotto shop and built by the Craviotto team. Here at Craviotto, we see the Diamond Series as the culmination of another part of JohnnyÕs legacy. Come explore the Diamond Series and experience Òply shells perfectedÓ (tm). - Made in Nashville, TN at the Craviotto shop by the Craviotto team - Proprietary maple ply shell design - "Straight Shot" bearing edges - "Gold tone" interior sealer - Proprietary Craviotto hardware. - Matching solid shell snare drums available.

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