It may look small, but The Imp packs a punch way above its weight. This professional kit is no lightweight, offering a level of power and projection to rival the volume of a much larger kit.

Beautifully finished, inside and out in our luxurious Kensington Knight finish, The Imp kit is comprised of a 16” x 10” bass drum, 13” x 10” floor tom and a 10” x 6” rack tom, with the option to add a 12” x 5.5” matching snare drum. The Imp is handcrafted using our unique cold-press moulding system to the same exacting standards as our Legend and Lounge series kits.

Potent, powerful and portable, The Imp is the compact professional kit that delivers a huge sound.

Imp Configuration: 10x6, 13x10, 16x10

Available separately is a 12" x 5.5" matching specification snare drum.

With 12 x 5.5 IMP Snare