ANIMALS PEDAL Sunday Afternoon is Infinity Blender by Wren & Cuff

Animals Pedal Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender. The tone bender sound is reproduced by the design of Wren and Cuff, which produces a world-famous fuzz pedal that reproduces many vintage tones.

Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender revives the fuzz sound of the mid-1960s, which had a huge impact on many fuzz pedals.

A thick and warm fuzz tone with a center of gravity in the low to mid areas.

It is heavier than the fuzz face, and the higher the fuzz, the higher the edge.

It's a characteristic like a tone bender.

You can adjust fuzz fuzziness, smoothness, and tone balance with the SMOOTH knob.

When combined with a clean amp, setting FUZZ high gives a "fuzz-like" tone.

If you combine it with a vacuum tube amp, let's make a sound with FUZZ starting around 12:00.

You can also lower the FUZZ and move the pickup to the front for an extremely warm and soft tone.