ANIMALS PEDAL Rover Fuzz by Skreddy

What is your impression of the fuzz effect?
You can express a wide range of emotions from old sounds, severe distortion to clean. Legendary guitarists are all using fuzz pedals well, and it's an indispensable effect, especially in classic rock and blues.

On the other hand, you may have the impression that the strong distortion is jerky, and when combined with a band, it does not come out in front, and the sound is too old to use.

You might think it's a difficult effect that only top-class players can reach, and you might think that you have to have a vintage pedal or a high-end handmade pedal to get a "real" fuzz sound. Maybe.

Animals Pedal Rover Fuzz overturns the difficult-to-use, advanced image of the fuzz effect.

The new Rover Fuzz makes it easier to replace the battery than before, while placing a foot switch in front of it to improve playability. In addition, the beautiful pedal design unique to Animals Pedal can now be placed even more beautifully.